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March 2008
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Tunisian Crochet and Stitches

Plain Tunisian crochet (fig. 444).—After making a foundation chain of the required length, begin the first, or loop row as it is called. Put the needle into the 2nd chain stitch, draw a loop through and so on, until you have taken up all the chain stitches on the needle. After having made the last stitch of the loop row, make 1 chain stitch and then pass to the second row that completes the stitch. Turn the thread round the needle, draw it through two loops, turn the thread round again, and again draw it through two loops, and so on to the end.

FIG. 444.  PLAIN TUNISIAN CROCHET. Fig. 444. Plain tunisian crochet.

Straight plaited Tunisian stitch (fig. 445).—Worked thus: miss the first loop in the 1st row, take up the second, and come back to the first, so that the 2 loops are crossed. Work the second row in the same manner as the second row of the preceding figure.

FIG. 445.  STRAIGHT PLAITED TUNISIAN STITCH. Fig. 445. Straight plaited tunisian stitch.

Diagonal plaited Tunisian stitch (fig. 446).—Worked like the preceding, taking up first the second loop and then the first: the second row also, in the same way as before. In the third row, take up the first stitch, and draw the third through the second, so as to produce diagonal lines across the surface of the work.

FIG. 446.  SLANTING PLAITED TUNISIAN STITCH. Fig. 446. Slanting plaited tunisian stitch.

Open Tunisian stitch.—This is an easy kind of Tunisian crochet. The first row is worked as in fig. 444. In the row of plain stitches, you alternately join 2 and 3, or 3 and 4 loops of the preceding row together, and replace them by as many chain stitches.


Comment from Mary
Time: July 23, 2008, 1:18 pm

I really like the look of the Diagonal plaited Tunisian stitch.

I do not understand this part: “In the third row, take up the first stitch, and draw the third through the second”

I am not sure where to pull up loops. Do you pull up a loop for the second stitch, then pull up a loop for the third after you pull up the third through the second?

Do you have any helpful hints?


Comment from Dianne
Time: July 23, 2008, 3:30 pm

Thanks for writing! Sorry to say, I have never tried Tunisian crochet so I cannot provide you with any helpful hints.

If you’re on there is a Tunisian Crochet Group, .
Perhaps they could help.

Also, The Art of Crochet video stitch guides:
may provide a clue. Just a thought.

Let us know if you find something to help.

Comment from ARNie
Time: August 2, 2008, 6:28 am

I have posted instructions on working this stitch at my blog:

Comment from Dianne
Time: August 2, 2008, 10:47 pm

This is great! Thanks so much for letting us know!!